Felix 2.0 3D printer

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We got the Felix 2.0 on october 25 and probably will documentation over the next few weeks. We bought it assembled and it worked out of the box.

First adjustments

After the first print, we decided that the platform needed some recalibration. X/Y=0 was higher than X/Y=max which is not good when printing large objects. Therefore we lowered the X/Y=0 corner. After homing the printhead it was really close and should have adjusted the Z-sensor a bit. Since the first layer is mission critical to the kinds of objects we want to print, we left the setting as is (some tiny fraction of mm). That scratched the Kapton tape and we then (only) adjusted ...

Anyhow, here is a video of the first print.

First print with the Felix 2.0 (out of the box, without calibration)

Pictures of the first three prints (after adjusting the print bed)

As you can see, the slicing is not totally optimal, and we will have to import our old Lego styles and also play with temperature.