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1 Introduction

Course materials for COAP 3110 - Interactive Site Development

  • Disclaimer: This is not the official syllabus or course program. EdutechWiki is just used as support site.
  • The course is organized in weekly programs (available through the menu to the right...)

The course-level outcomes as announced in the syllabus are:

  1. Become familiar with server-side programming
  2. Become familiar with technologies for computer to work together in the world of Internet
  3. Create applications used in a variety of settings and devices
  4. Connect and query databases
  5. Connect databases with a Web application
  6. Develop basic database-driven applications

Practical learning outcomes:

  1. Configure an Apache and a MySql server
  2. Install and configure a portal, e.g. wordpress
  3. Create an interesting website using a portal and some extensions, select and/or adapt its skin
  4. Understand various architectures of web services and portals
  5. Develop a simple PHP application using HTML forms and a database table
  6. Frontend and backend programming

2 Weekly programs

  • Week1 Web site architectures, portalware and web services - The Apache/MySQL/PHP stack (XAMP mobile) - Simple forms-based web applications
  • Week2 Introduction to SQL, using mySQL (MariaDB) with PHP
  • Week3 Installation and configuration of portals (Wordpress)
  • Week4 Skins (theme) configuration and extension (plugin) management
  • Week5 Plugins (continued), Internet security, trust and reputation; Mid term
  • Week6 Using a provider
  • Week7 Web services with REST
  • Week8 Term project presentation, final
  • Term project

3 Grading scale

A	3.8	Very good		92.00	
A-	3.5	Almost very good	89.00
B+	3.1	Pretty good 		85.00
B	2.8	Good			82.00
B-	2.5	Reasonably good		79.00
C+	2.1	Fair	   		75.00
C	1.8	Rather weak / minim.	72.00
C-	1.5	Minimalist / Weak	69.00
D+	1.1	Pass                    65.00
D	0.8     Pass			62.00