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Many researchers across Europe are unhappy with the administrative burden of European Research Funding. The Framework Programme, as the biggest part of this funding, is far from being easy to use despite many efforts towards simplification.

If you work in the EU (or associated countries): Read and if convinced sign this declaration:

Here is what I added to the comment field (sorry, no time to expand this for now):

EU procedures may have become too complex because administration always adds complexity in order to fight bad behavior (e.g. some partners not doing research). In reality, the opposite is true. There is a strong correlation between inefficiency + corruption and administrative complexity. Rich and low corruption countries tend to have leaner administrations and procedures.

Another reason for the increase of burden is a misunderstanding of the R&D process. It needs to be very flexible and must be able to shift goals (at least some) and therefore be able to redefine priorities, deliverables and work packages. EU project management stiffles productivity and even may inhibit creation of real tangible results, since too much energy must be spend on creating fake deliverables that are not anymore needed, etc.

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