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Yamaha CVP-509 PE

I got myself some exciting new hardware: A Yamaha CVP-509 digital piano‎‎. This time paid from my pocket, but I do plan to get a cheaper one at/for work. I also plan to introduce some EduTechWiki articles about using digital pianos in education and Music education technology. So far, I just got started and there isn't much of interest for now ... Here is an plug for a local vendor: In Switzerland, I can recommend one place and I do this exceptionally for two reasons:

  1. I really do support local stores that make an effort to match international on-line vendors and that provide a nice service.
  2. That kind of digital piano is not cheap and a difference of 2000.- CHF can decide whether you can afford it or not.

The vendor:

  • (also
  • The shop owner is friendly and heads a serious operation, e.g. you also could buy a "small" 50K Bösendorfer from the showroom. You get about 20% off the list price for Yamaha keyboards. In most other shops you will get 0%. E.g. a CVP-509 PE is CHF 7260.- instead of 9078.- and you also can get a min. 1-year leasing contract at 275/month. My CVP-509 PE (black) was CHF 7750.- instead of CHF 9688.- and I got it with a 295.-/month leasing contract (min. 1-year). In comparison, one of the cheapest serious online European vendors (Thomann) sells the 509PE for EUR 7419 (- some VAT + customs fees for non-EU countries).

Beyond this personal story of getting a good price, I think (again) that it is important to support real physical stores that let you try out things ... but under the condition they also make an effort in terms of pricing. This example shows that this is feasible.

... more about the Yamaha CVP-509 digital piano‎‎ (read this if you buy one), Digital pianos, music education technology, MIDI, etc. later. It will take me some time, since I also got other priorities ...

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