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My new Felix 3D printer arrived today. Since I am not a DYI fan (although I can assemble stuff if I must) I managed to order a fully assembled and calibrated version.

First print with the Felix


  • Easy to carry around: It has got a practical handle on top.
  • Prints with PLA: I much prefer this polymer since it doesn't stink like ABS and since it doesn't warp much. ABS is not too suitable for a small office, in particular since ABS does not like draft (a constant warm room temperature is better) and since ABS fumes are maybe not too healthy...
  • The board and machine code are open source. That means that it works with more than one slicer software. Advanced users can rely on changing complex Skeinforge settings. Beginners can either use the default settings or play with Slic3r.
  • I managed to print a DUPLO with my first print (that did not happen with my other 2 printers)
  • It has a heated print bed. That means that no raft is needed, even for small difficult to print pieces like Lego blocks. Parts will stick.


  • I don't know yet, except that printing with filament (so far all cheap printers work that way) does have its inherent limitations.

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I also managed to get a good hold on the fabbster printer I got earlier this spring. The fabbster works with closed source software and is optimized for printing with ABS "sticks" that we will receive any time soon. Printing with ABS rolls works fine, but does require some thinking. It requires users to understand how a 3D printer works (speed/RPM relations) in order to be able to calibrate build and material styles.

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