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The Talos Principle
Description It is a puzzle game where you collect sigi
It is a puzzle game where you collect sigils to advance. You are in Athens, when you are in a certain level you might attempt Egypt or the Alps. In order to collect those sigils you must make sure to survive and not being attacked. You are not a human, you're a robot.
cked. You are not a human, you're a robot.  +
Description générale du jeu The whole game is about finding out what is going on. QR codes are a way to interact with other agents on the game, you can scan them with your phone. You have to go to different rooms, follow the signs. Collect the sigils.  +
Mécanique du jeu You use jammers and other devices to lock the guardians. You will use a computer with a prompt. This is the best part of the game! Some mechanics are similar to Portal  +
OS Windows  + , MacX  + , Linux  + , Android  +
Plateforme PC  +
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Points forts {{{points forts}}}  +
Prix 38 CHF  +
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