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1 Just-in-Time Teaching


1.1 Définition

Just-in-time Teaching est un design prédagogique attribué à (Novak 1999) qu'on peut qualifier de dispositif hybride (lien ici) centré sur un feed-back entre des travail à distance des étudiants et en présentiel. On attribue des tâches de lecture, réflexion, préparation ou questionnement aux étudiants, qui sont traitées par les enseignants pour déterminer le niveau de connaissances réel des apprenants , identifier les 'misconceptions et préparer les séances présentielles qui sont consacrées à travailler les concepts difficiles du contenu, et à dépasser les préconceptions erronées.

Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) is a teaching and learning approach that combines the best features of traditional in-class instruction with the communication and resource potential available via the Web. We describe here how JiTT can be used to teach biology to undergraduate and graduate level students, both science majors as well as nonscience majors. A key characteristic of JiTT is the creation of a feedback loop between the classroom and the Web using Internet “Warm Up” assignments that are due prior to class time. By examining student responses to Warm Up exercises before class, faculty members can determine the level of understanding, prior knowledge, and misconceptions that students bring to class. Classroom time can then be spent addressing these misconceptions while discuss- ing course content. In class Cooperative Learning exercises reinforce course content in an informal group setting. Other features of JiTT, such as “What is Biology Good For,” make clear the relevance of specific concepts in biology in society and increase student motivation. Assessment results have been positive, including decreased attrition rates, increases in student attitudes, interactivity, study habits, and cognitive gains in classrooms using JiTT.

(Marrs, K. A.2004)

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