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1 Introduction

Cette page est une esquisse du module 3D pour la formation making@home

2 Présentation

Training modules addressing a similar topic are grouped (by domain) and organised to provide a coherent training cycle on a set of FacLab capabilities for example 2D, 3D, electronics. Training modules of a given cycle are usually given one module per week, this to provide enough time to consolidate and practice the learnings in-between training sessions. Different cycles can run in parallel (that is in the same week). - -


  • 2D modeling for digital fabrication (with Inkscape)
  • Laser cutting (with the Glowforge+)
  • Vinyl cutting (with the Cricut Maker)


  • 3D modeling for digital fabrication (with Onshape)
  • 3D modeling for digital fabrication (with OpenSCAD/BlockSCAD)
  • 3D printing SLA (with Peopoly Moai 130)
  • CNC milling (with Sienci Labs Mill One)


  • Electronics 1
  • Electronics 2


  • Rubber stamp design and laser cutting/engraving
  • T-shirt design and vinyl cutting (and heat transfer)

The use of the FacLab capabilities is restricted to trained members (that is for both human and machine safety). Therefore a growing number of training opportunities and workshops are offered to the FacLab members. The main objective of these training opportunities is to help FacLab members to become autonomous users of the various capabilities available to them.

The various trainings are developed as modules of approx. 90 minutes, all based on the following structure:

  • About the training session
  • About the FacLab
  • About digital fabrication
  • About fablabs
  • Topic introduction
  • Topic specifics
  • Topic exercise
  • Topic resources
  • Wrap-up

- -