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1 Definition

ToonTalk is an authoring environment to build microworlds in a similar spirit of Papert's LOGO

“ ToonTalk started with the idea that perhaps animation and computer game technology might make programming easier to learn and do (and be more fun). Instead of typing textual programs into a computer, or even using a mouse to construct pictorial programs, ToonTalk allows real, advanced programming to be done from inside a virtual animated interactive world.” (Kahn, 2004).

In addition, educators can build levels of software upon ToonTalk to help students learn other subjects. There is in fact a small, but very active teacher community.

2 Software

  • ToonTalk is a cheap commercial system. See the Web Site for vendors appropriate to your region of the world.

3 Links

  • Playground. A British-led research and field program.

4 References

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  • Ken Kahn, "ToonTalk - An Animated Programming Environment for Children", Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, June 1996.