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This is a property of type String.

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ALA-Reader +Roy B. Clariana, College of Education, Penn State University  +
Apache OpenNLP +Apache Software Foundation  +
Apache UIMA +IBM (originally) Apache software foundation (now)  +
Beestar insight +Beestar  +
DataMelt +DataMelt community. Led by S.Chekanov  +
DocuBurst +Christopher Collins, Sheelagh Carpendale, Gerald Penn, Brittany Kondo and Bradley Chicoine  +
Dragon ToolKit +Zhou, X., Zhang, X., and Hu, X., Drexel University  +
General architecture for text engineering +University of Sheffield  +
Gephy +Gephy community  +
Gismo +eLearning laboratory - University of Lugano  +
IBM Many Eyes +IBM Cognos software group  +
IBM Many Eyes v2 +IBM Cognos software group  +
Iramuteq +Pierre Ratinaud, LERASS  +
JSON-CSV Converter +Brendon  +
KEEL +Spanish National Projects  +
KH Coder +Koichi Higuchi  +
Knime +KNIME.com AG  +
KoRpus +Meik Michalke  +
LOCO-Analyst +Jelena Jovanović, Dragan Gašević, Carlo Torniai  +
Learning Analytics Enriched Rubric +John Dimopoulos  +
Lexico +Equipe SYLED-CLA2T, Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris 3  +
Lexos +Lexomics Research, Wheaton College  +
LightSide +Carnegie Mellon University’s Language Technologies Institute  +
Lingpipe +Breck Baldwin & Bob Carpenter, Alias-i  +
Log Parser +Microsoft  +
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