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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • N/A
  • detailed
  • minimal
  • no

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ARL crowd sourcing +N/A  +
Air Quality with Biomarkers +minimal  +
Amazon mechanical turk +N/A  +
Andromeda Project +minimal  +
BOINC +minimal  +
Bat detective +N/A  +
Budburst +N/A  +
CS4CS +minimal  +
Celebrate Urban Birds +no  +
Cell Slider +detailed  +
Citizen Sort +minimal  +
Citizen science project test +no  +
Cornell Lab citizen science technology +N/A  +
Crowdcrafting +N/A  +
ESP game +N/A  +
Einstein@home +N/A  +
EpiCollect +N/A  +
Eterna +N/A  +
Everyaware +N/A  +
Evolution MegaLab +N/A  +
ExCiteS +N/A  +
ExCiteS forest monitoring +N/A  +
Experimental tribe +N/A  +
EyeWire +minimal  +
Fold It +minimal  +
Facts about "Has member profiles"
Allows value
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