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Bat detective +Blog contains most of the news/community updates. There was a google hangout with the bat detective team on 20/12/2013. Although there is some community participation in the comments, the blog is rather quiet(the last post was made on 7/2/2013). The twitter feed (@batdetect) is more active, as is the facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/batdetective).  +
Citizen science project test +Don't know if we keeps this  +
Einstein@home +Forum : Very active, some threads with over 20,000 views and 700 posts Social software site : Fairly active Volunteers are driven by the fantastic results that their research creates, to date 24 pulsars have been found. The creation of teams that volunteers can join really creates a sense of community and ethic of group work. Volunteers meet up in teams and collect credit in team (great motivator).  +
EyeWire +Community can make suggestions in threads on the discussion forum which project staff look at and respond to accordingly.  +
Fold It +Forum fairly active.  +
Galaxy Zoo +Volunteers are active on the Galaxy Zoo forum. They post the more striking images and discuss what they are. There are already some interesting results.  +
Infrastructure test +Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin faucibus mi vitae sem dignissim pharetra non ac purus. Maecenas id molestie risus. Praesent tempor ligula ut sem rhoncus, nec pellentesque nunc imperdiet. Aenean dignissim magna nulla, eu sodales urna lobortis et. Nam interdum velit lobortis rhoncus sagittis. Aliquam fringilla, arcu quis ultrices viverra, magna urna rhoncus tellus, id fringilla ipsum massa et ipsum. Aliquam tellus ante, cursus id lacus a, pulvinar venenatis metus. Sed vel viverra est. Donec tempor, mauris et commodo venenatis, metus mi tincidunt sapien, id tincidunt est ante nec quam. Curabitur auctor, ligula ut aliquam malesuada, tortor est tincidunt dolor, non tempus odio ipsum ut est.  +
OPAL +The community can be described at several levels * Various local and national programmes directly sponsored by OPAL * A set of "societies" that conduct CS projects in the area (conservation, etc) * Members of these  +
Old weather +Member profiles are managed through the Zooinverse portal. However, forum accounts are managed locally by each project.  +
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