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1 Week 8 - COAP 3180

1.1 Term project presentation


1.2 Summary


  • Final lecture, reminder of the most important subjects addressed etc.

1.3 Final exam

  • The exam will be a paper exam with MCQ's, open questions, code repair and completion, etc.
  • Open book (any resource you like including the Internet)

Main subjects:

(1) High level web application principles

  • Simple web application architectures (tiers)
  • Kinds of databases

(2) Practical know how

  • Using web services to create "mini-databases"
  • Using widgets
  • Creating simple HTML Web Forms
  • Using a WAMP server (Mowes)
  • CMS/CMF installation and configuration
  • Database administration with PHPMyAdmin
  • Simple reuse of PHP code, i.e. you may be asked to change "parameters"

(3) SQL:

    • Joins (select from two tables)
    • Data types: Integer, Float, VarChar, text
    • DEFAULT, NOT NULL, Auto increment
    • Keys
    • Primary keys
    • Foreign keys
  • INSERT (both forms)
  • DROP

(4) Relational database design:

  • Simple 2-3 table architectures
  • 1 to N and N to N relations between tables
  • Be able to read a diagram that summarizes table fields and shows relations (as in the Wordpress installation and configuration example).

(5) XML

  • Be able to edit/fix well-formed XML files
  • XSLT: Simple use of templates (definition and applying), html page generation
  • Simple use of XPath expressions (finding nodes and attributes, extracting text, identifying a position). XPath is used both by XSLT and XQuery.
  • XQuery: Simple FLOWR expressions, html page generation

(6) Identity and authentication (high-level principles)

Not included:

  • PHP programming, e.g. writing for loops and other algorithms
  • XSLT and XQuery functions and other more advanced programming constructs