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1 Week 7 - COAP 3180

1.1 Topics Covered

  • Termproject - Getting it done with Wordpress
  • XQuery (follow-up)
  • Digital identities

1.2 Classroom activities Monday

1.3 Classroom activities Wednesday

First hour
talk and some visits/demos
  • A tour of identity and authentication on the web issues
Second hour
  • Exam Q/A
  • Work on Term project Q/A

1.4 Homework 6

1.4.1 Task

  • Create three XQuery scripts that extract three different data from a single large XML File.
  • You are expected to use at least simple FLWR expressions like the following one:
  { for $t in 
   return $t }
  • You will get a better grade if you render in HTML, e.g.
xquery version "1.0";

let $source_doc := fn:doc("")
 <head> <title>Questionnaire Items</title> </head>
  Acts of Hamlet
  { for $t in $source_doc//ACT//SCENE/TITLE
   <li> {$t/text()} </li>

... you will get an A if your are somewhat original and/or if you produce more complex queries.

1.4.2 Submission Dates

  • This homework is due at start of Monday lesson, week 8.
  • Students must provide three XQuery scripts plus a copy of the XML file.
  • Each homework counts 10% in your global evaluation. The four best homeworks will be taken into account.

1.4.3 Evaluation

  • Three working scripts
  • Complexity of the query
  • Rendering quality, e.g. you get a bonus if you render in a (X)HTML page.

1.5 Tips for the homework

  • Read my handout first, you may need to find some extra reading.
  • If you use the XQuery USE ME plugin, set the Output file ext. to html !

1.6 Links and teaching materials XQuery

Online software
Teaching materials
Optional reading

1.7 Links and teaching materials Digital identity