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1 Term project - COAP 3180


  • Define a web application project
  • Install and configure appropriate portalware
  • Write a short report.

Constraints / Details

  • You must install some kind of LAMP/WAMP-based portalware. You are free to use an "easy" installation procedure, e.g. Mowes or a provider that supports quick installation of portalware. But using an online service like google sites, zoho, etc. is not allowed !
  • Your application must include some kind of structured data that one or (more more) user(s) could enter. Examples: A list of books, motorcycles or Cell phone models.
  • You may not submit a prior website, i.e. your application must be new (but you may reuse prior assets as you like, e.g. text, artwork, pictures).

The report

The report must be turned in on paper and on the world classroom and will have three parts:

  • Specification: The overall objective plus a list of features to be implemented that include "must have" and "nice to have" items.
  • Implementation: A short description of the implementation including 1-2 screen captures that demonstrate what the user can do and see
  • Evaluation: An evaluation/self-critique with respect to the feature list.

Volume: About three pages. About 1.5 to 2 pages of text.


You may choose between:

  • Mowes (on a memory stick that you can bring to class)
  • An other WAMP on your own portable that you bring to class
  • A php/mysql provider

You are free to choose any sort of php/mysql-based portalware.


  • We suggest using Wordpress. Use its "cformsII" extension to create the little "database" (we shall have a look at it in week 6)
  • CS students also can go for one of the "major" CMS/CMF frameworks, like Joomla, Drupal, ModX, Zikula, ...

1.1 Submission Dates

  • The homework, i.e. the implementation and a good draft of the report is due at start of week 8.
  • The final report must be handed in by Wednesday week 8.
  • Each term project must be shortly presented in the class (5 minutes on Monday week 8)

1.2 Evaluation

  • Quality of the final report
  • Usefulness of the site (usability, ergonomics, fits objectives).
  • Implementation of form input / data display
  • Presentation (be ready on Monday week 8).
  • Term project counts for 20%

1.3 Tips

  • Start early ! No later than week 5...