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  • “ DITA Storm is a web-based editor for DITA XML format. It is entirely implemented in JavaScript making it easily embeddable in any web application. No browser plugin installation or server side script deployment required. In addition to being portable it provides ability to edit content in WYSIWYG mode, which makes it convenient for any DITA-unaware content editor. Working with the editor is as simple as with any text processor. DITA Strom has full awareness of editing context and limits editor actions to only available in the certain context making on-demand validation unnecessary.” ([1], retrieved 17:05, 9 February 2007 (MET)).

1 The Technology

1.1 Main features

(for version 1.1)

  • Editing Mode: WYSIWYG
  • Implementation: JavaScript/DHTML
  • Browsers: IE, Firefox. Later Netscape, Opera...
  • Plugins Required: None
  • Web/App Server: Any
  • XML Validation: Real-Time
  • DITA Styling: CSS, limited XSL
  • Simple Application Integration

1.2 Integration

DITA Storm into web application is a simple procedure. You can either attach editor to the text field of your HTML form or load DITA document directly via HTTP request....