Cultural competence/ Global Perspective Inventory items 2012

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Below is a list of Global Perspective Inventory (GPI) found in the GPI manual (retrieved March 1, 2016).

All six scales have an alpha of > 0.7 except for the Cognitive knowing (alpha=.067 after elimination of 2 items).

Cognitive Knowing
I rarely question what I have been taught about the world around me*
I rely primarily on authorities to determine what is true in the world*
Some people have a culture and others do not*
In different settings what is right and wrong is simple to determine*
When I notice cultural differences, my culture tends to have the better approach*
I consider different cultural perspectives when evaluating global problems2
I take into account different perspectives before drawing conclusions about the world around me
Cognitive Knowledge
I understand the reasons and causes of conflict among nations of different cultures
I understand how various cultures of this world interact socially
I am informed of current issues that impact international relations
I can discuss cultural differences from an informed perspective
I know how to analyze the basic characteristics of a culture
Intrapersonal Identity
I am willing to defend my own views when they differ from others
I can explain my personal values to people who are different from me
I put my beliefs into action by standing up for my principles
I know who I am as a person
I have a definite purpose in my life
I am developing a meaningful philosophy of life
Intrapersonal Affect
I am accepting of people with different religious and spiritual traditions
I am open to people who strive to live lives very different from my own life style
I enjoy when my friends from other cultures teach me about our cultural differences
I am sensitive to those who are discriminated against.
I do not feel threatened emotionally when presented with multiple perspectives
Interpersonal Social Responsibility
I think of my life in terms of giving back to society
I consciously behave in terms of making a difference
Volunteering is not an important priority in my life*
I put the needs of others above my own personal wants
I work for the rights of others
Interpersonal Social Interaction
I frequently interact with students from a race/ethnic group different from my own
I frequently interact with students from a different country from my own
Most of my friends are from my own ethnic background*
I intentionally involve people from many cultural backgrounds in my life

Items with a * are reverse coded. Response items were measured with a five point Likert scale that ranged from 5 (strongly agree) to 1 (strongly disagree) (unless otherwise noted)

See the manual for details.