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1 Introduction

According to wikipedia (Feb 2018), “Craftivism is a form of activism, typically incorporating elements of anti-capitalism, environmentalism, solidarity, or third-wave feminism, that is centered on practices of craft - or what can traditionally be referred to as "domestic arts". Craftivism includes, but is not limited to, various forms of needlework including yarn-bombing or cross-stitch. Craftivism is a social process of collective empowerment, action, expression and negotiation. In craftivism, engaging in the social, performative and critical discourse around the work is central to its production and dissemination (Carpenter, 2010). Practitioners are known as craftivists.”

See also:

  • Arts-based research

2 Projects

Brode-moi un mouton, a student project using embroidery to engage refugees with locals. Differences in representations are often sources of misunderstanding between individuals and/or communities. Influences related to age, gender and social origin pushes people too often to "live between similar". The project aims engage people from communities rarely in contact to collaborate around an embroidery project.

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