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Hello, this is a short page for my course module.

1 Wed week 3

2 Mon week 4

Demos and administration
  • Short demo of Google body (WebGL capable browser needed)
  • Short presentation of the project (see below)
Creating 3D models with Sculptris
Obj files to import
If you miss class, watch these please (long videos, slow enough for learning)

3 Wed week 4

Introduction to Google sketchup

  • I started writing a Google Sketchup tutorial. You may find some useful tips and link.s However, its unlikely that it will be done by the end of the class.

Summary of essential getting started tips:

  • Download and print the reference card (PDF).
  • To help you get going display the Instructor. Either open the instructor panel and Menu Tools-> Instructor or click on the help icon at the bottom.
  • Configure the layout: Menu View -> Toolbars: Select Large Tool Set and dock it. Remove the "starter toolbar" through the view menu.
  • In Sketchup, you usually start by drawing a 2D object and then you extrude it.
  • Drawing certain kinds of simple objects like a ball is difficult. However, usually you can find a solution at Google Support. You may have to change wording e.g. How do I draw a sphere ?

4 Mon week 5

  • Discussion of project requirements / deadlines
  • Sketchup
    • Measures
    • Creating models for Google Earth
    • Importing / exporting (the few things you can do with the free version, extensions)
  • Sculptris / Sketchup work on project

5 (Wed week 5 - Pucciani)

  • Start of module three (Prof. Pucciani)
  • Please bring a USB key to class if you have one !

6 The project

(More details later, I also will discuss it with you)

The project will include two sub-projects + a very short report

(1) Create some kind of persona with Sculptris

  • The object should have a vague conceptual link with the google earth model if possible. I.e. it might sit somewhere in the Google Sketchup scene.
  • Anything goes. If you can explain to me that a flower would be a persona that's fine.
  • Make it reasonable.

(2) Create a model for Google Earth with Google Sketchup

  • Think about something that you would like to put on Google Earth. Examples: A swimming pool on the parking lot of webster, a bridge that crosses lake of Geneva, A bar on top of K2. Anyhing goes, but keep it simple and use the right proportions
  • Create the model in Google Sketchup. You are allowed reuse copy-right free models made by other people. Your own drawing work should at least represent 25%. Technically speaking, you can import either Collada (.dae) or native .skp files.
  • Export to *.kmz and edit the *.kml file to position and orient your model.

(3) Produce a report (1-2 pages)

  • State the objectives for both sub-projects
  • Explain what you managed to implement and what further work might be needed

(4) Special conditions for group work

You can turn in a group work under the following conditions:

  • Only two persons / group
  • Two Sculptris objects
  • One report for both, about two pages.
  • One Sketchup scene, but make it larger or better than I'd expect from a single person.
  • The grade will be shared.

Due: Wednesday, week 7. Submit either to

  • or give it to D.J.
  • or put it into some place where I can download and send me the link

If you send me email make sure to use an smart subject message like COSC project.

Late submission: 10% off

7 Software needed

Optional software that you can install on your own PCs

  • Lot's of free sketchup extensions (see below). To install a Plugin, copy its files directly to the sketchup plugins directory, e.g c:\programs\google\google sketchup 8\plugins. You then will see changes to the interface of Sketchup when you restart the program.
  • MeshLab A visualization, repair and conversion tool for 3D file formats
  • KMLBuilder (Kmleditor) (only works with Microsoft .Net 4). This tool allows to edit the KML file, but one can as well hand edit the XML code.
  • I also recommend that you install one modern browser, e.g. Firefox 4.

8 Links

Sketchup extensions

See also: category:3D