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I now am a proud owner of a Creative Commons badge. Creative Commons is one of these organizations that are truly useful and which I fully support.

Creative commons now offers an OpenID service. It will cost you $50 and there are good reasons to spend this money:

  • “Creative Commons, at its core, is about supporting global participatory culture. By joining the Creative Commons Network, you will be joining a worldwide community dedicated to building the Commons — the pool of content, of knowledge, that is freely and legally accessible to everyone — a vital public resource in this digital age.” (CC Network, retrieved Aug 6 2009)
  • “When you support Creative Commons financially, we're able to say with greater certainty that we know who you are. We give you a badge you can place on pages you create identifying you as a member of the Creative Commons Network. This badge not only gives visible notice that you support Free Culture, but allows us to help identify you on license deeds.” (About the CC Network, retrieved Aug 6 2009)

Read more about open content and open educational resources. By training I am a political scientist and I am still interested in many social, political, economic, legal and organizational issues. I should sometimes expand these topics a bit, but for the moment I have other priorities for EduTech Wiki, i.e. rather technical stuff ...

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