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Ebikes are trendy, because they allow for fast and easy transport in cities. In addition, they can be used for commuting and they positively contribute to our planet's ecology. There are interesting opportunities for education:

  • Technical design and STEM principles: An ebike as learning object can be used to study mechanics, physics and electronics.
  • Technical design (advanced): At least one of the better designs was made in collaboration with an engineering school
  • Technical design and fabrication (DYI): E-bikes can be hand-crafted, i.e. be used as ambitious object in a design and fabrication class
  • Teaching evaluation methodology: Evaluation of e-bikes is relatively easy, and could be conducted as a class project

Now with respect to "fast". Some countries do not seem to have any restrictions, but most do. E.g. in Germany or Switzerland you are allowed to buy ratified pedal-assisted bikes that provide assistance to 45km/h. If you live in France or the UK you are out of luck ...

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