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This wiki now runs under development code. I finally decided that it was both easier on system administration, safer and more exciting since we can play with bleeding edge extensions. To investigate: The skin for Firefox/Ubuntu can create overlaps.

Semantic MediaWiki

We started using Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) and various extensions like Semantic Forms for real. I will update here once we got something to show. I do think that SMW does have great potential for both research and education. For example, see the Galaxy Zoo page. The template behind was styled by Julien for our EU Citizen CyberLab project. Presentation of structured information can be nice in a wiki and editing with forms is easy. In addition, one can create automatic summary tables and more ... stay tuned.

Student contributions

Over the summer we had two classes contributing, one from from Memorial University, Canada and another from Saarland University, Germany. I'd like to express my thanks to both teachers and students ! I'll post more about these contributions, sometimes later.

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