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1 Definition

Bersatide: Best practices collaborative design editor is a web based tool to help in the design of a complete Computer Supported Collaborative learning process. In eight steps the tool shows recommendations about the main topics to take care about while designing CSCL environments. It also provides and easy questionnaire to guide users that will be sent to them after filling it up.

2 Current implementation

A web application in spanish is available.

Steps in the Bersatide CSCL design editor

Holes in the picture mean that additional steps could be added in a later version. As of June 2008, there is only a spanish edition. There are plans for an English version.

3 Links

4 References

  • Jorrín-Abellán, I.M., Rubia-Avi, B., García-Pérez, V. Bersatide: Una herramienta web para generar diseños educativos basados en los principios del CSCL Proceedings of the Jornadas Universitarias de Tecnología Educativa, July 2006.