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EduTech Wiki is about Educational Technology and related fields and is hosted and built at TECFA, an educational technology research and teaching unit at University of Geneva.

There is an english and a french version and contents differ (although some articles may have been translated):

Objectives of EduTech Wiki

The main objectives of the EduTechWikis are:

Contents of EduTech wiki

Here is a list of categories of the English version as of Feb 2012:
3D 3D printing AMP ActionScript Code Snippets ActionScript programming projects ActionScript tutorials Actionscript 3 Affect and motivation Annotation Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence and education Assets Authoring tools Books COAP 2100 COAP 2170 COAP 3120 COAP 3150 CSS Classroom technologies Cloud computing Cognitive tools Collaborative learning Community Community-oriented instructional design models Computer-mediated communication Computer games Computerized embroidery Content management Contents Courses and workshops Cutting plotter Databases Design and research methods Design methodologies Digital libraries Digital video Disambiguation Document standards E-book E-learning tools E-science Education and instruction Educational design tools Educational hardware Educational modeling languages Educational modelling languages Educational software Educational technologies Educational technology - the field Educational theories Edutech families Edutechwiki documentation Ergonomics and human-computer interaction Evaluation methods and grids Example cases Fab lab Flash Flash, Flex and ActionScript Flash tutorials Flex Flex tutorials Hardware Help Hypertext ICT in society INRP Identity and authentication Innovation and change Installation tips Instructional design methods Instructional design models Instructional theories Interaction design, user experience and usability JavaScript Knowledge and idea management Knowledge representation Learning approaches and technology trends Learning management systems Learning objects Learning theories Links Maintenance Mediawiki documentation Metacognition and learning strategies Microworlds Mobile computing Multimedia Music Networking technologies Organization and management Overviews PHP Pedagogic strategies Pedagogical scenarios Personal learning environments Portalware Program, course and teacher evaluation Programming Project-oriented instructional design models Project management and planning Property rights and copyright Psychological theories Psychology and learning RapMan Real-time communication Research methodologies Research methodology tutorials Rich internet applications SVG Server administration Simulation environments Social computing Socio-political and organization Special contents Standards Subject areas Taxonomies Teacher development Teacher tools Technologies Templates Toronto school Trust Tutorials UML Uncategorized Under construction Virtual environments Visualization Web-based training Web authoring Web standards Web technologies Web technology tutorials Wikilog manual Wikimedia Wikis Workflow Writing X3D tutorials XML

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